Saturday, February 28, 2009

Parents and Teens working together to Design a Teen Bedroom

A great way to re-design your teen’s bedroom is by working together to pick out teen bedding and matching room decor. This can be both fun and rewarding if done in collaboration together. By making choices together and actively following through with decisions made together will open communication and joint, effective problem solving. Find great Teen bedding ideas and more at .

Friday, February 27, 2009

Boys Bedding and Boys Room Decor Theme Ideas

For boy’s bedding and boys room décor you can find themes based on his childhood dreams of “what I want to be when I grow up”. Boys play hard and imitate their heroes in life such as police officers, paramedics, ambulance drivers and so on. Dinosaurs, race cars, rocket ships and construction based themes are always exciting for boys to play with. These are great themes to go with if it‘s what your little boy dreams about being when he grows up.

Find your boy’s bedding theme at

The Benefits of Bamboo Fiber Baby Blankets

Bamboo Fiber is incredibly soft, strong and durable. Spun fibers of bamboo feel like silk. This naturally porous fiber is more absorbent than other textiles. Like silk, bamboo wicks moisture away from the body. The fiber dries quickly and stays fresh longer. Bamboo adjusts to your body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and maintains warmth in the winter.

100% Bamboo Baby Blankets are incredibly soft next to your babies' skin. Spun fibers of bamboo feel like silk and wicks moisture away from baby keeping your little one warm and dry. Bamboo adjusts to your babies' body temperature, keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Bamboo contains anti-bacterial properties, discouraging the formation of bacteria or fungus or odor….a perfect solution for allergy sensitive little bodies. Some of these luxuriously soft blankets are finished off with a beautiful sateen border. A perfect gift for the Mom to be!!

Easy to care for instructions for baby blankets is to wash in cold water using a gentle detergent and dry in a cool dryer. To maintain the soft cashmere feeling of bamboo, never use fabric softeners.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Girls Bedding and Girls Room Decor Theme Ideas

It is always a joy to decorate your child’s room no matter what age they are at. They will have the joy of surprise when you are done or the enthusiasm of being included in the decision of the theme. I’m a mother of two, a 14 year old teenager and a sixteen month old. We have moved a few times and therefore I’ve have had the thrill of decorating children’s rooms and picking out everything from baby bedding to teen bedding on several occasions.
Some of the best themes I’ve discovered are not the name brand girls bedding and boys bedding sets. Don’t get me wrong Barbie is great but it’s not so unique. I prefer an alternative to character based entertainment licensed products. Keeping with these kinds of themes with colors and fun you will be helping to enhance your child’s creativity and play. If you go to a chain store be ready to find the most advertised TV shows or characters on display in the girl’s room décor isle or the boys bedding section. Shopping around via the internet is a valuable source for finding creative ways to decorate your child’s room at an affordable price. All this from the comfort of home, how great is that fellow Mom’s!
For girls bedding and girls room décor I would suggest themes that we remember from our creative play during our child hood, prior to all the TV character hype. You may remember a time when you had a tea party and all your stuffed animals filled the chairs neatly placed at the table. Maybe you pretended to be a mermaid or you chased after butterflies in the garden. Maybe you wanted a pony of your very own. Whatever your little girl loves to pretend play can be the perfect theme for their bedroom.